New Roof Construction: May 2023 to Jan 2024

St John the Evangelist Orthodox Church in Beaver Falls, PA has allowed the ministry to operate out of their basement since our inception.  Sometime in May of 2023, strong winds caused some serious damage to St John’s roof.  It was not noticed until sometime in June.

We notified the building code enforcement office of Beaver Falls.  They came to look at our situation and promptly shut down the building.  All of the utilities were disconnected and the entire building was taped off as a danger area.

Structural engineers came in to inspect the building to make sure the integrity of the building was not compromised.  The old roof was removed and the parish was under ginormous tarps, 60′ x 100′ for months. 

The Roof proper was fully repaired by Mid January 2024.  The church is still waiting for good weather to paint the new materials.

Below are some pictures of the process!  It was quite the local spectacle.